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SZIC Spring Competition 2017

Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre, Karachi University, is providing their students a platform to showcase their skills through an IT competition, namely SZIC Spring Competition Week 2017.This highly anticipated event encompasses engaging competitions, designed specifically to bring out and nurture creativity and confidence of the students. This competition's aim is excellence, both in direction and execution, and this year again, the department has come up with extreme passion and earnest determination to hold the event, in an even more emphatic manner. This year again, SZIC is continuing its tradition of glory and excellence, with three competition. This will be a 3-day event, comprising of the following competitions.

- Speed Programming
- Web Designing Competition
-Web template Competition in Adobe


Our mission at ehance and gather talented individuals from Sheikh Zayed  Islamic Centre provide them with a fair playing field, to express their potential.We intend to highlight, how far our talented youth has come, by giving them a competitive platform, to battle it out with the best of the best and prove the worth of our institution and their own selves.





Director General Islamic Affairs UAE and Representative IPC Visits SZIC


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